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There seems to be some misconception that Music Is Life do not intend on providing a refund or will not provide a refund to our valued customers. This is not true.

We are doing all that we can behind the scenes to seek to resolve the matter, to enable refunds to be provided to our customers as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, as we have previously stated, there are currently unresolved legal reasons prohibiting us from refunding the remaining tickets.

Since Covid-19 first hit, we have lost tens of thousands of dollars through various reasons in trying to continue our commitment to you all by keeping the festival alive for 2022.

We appreciate that our valued customers are frustrated with the situation (as are we), however, at the moment, the ability for us to provide refunds is out of our hands.

We will continue to update you all as soon as we possibly can, and as soon as further information is available.



Music Is Life Festival issues this statement acknowledging those who have contacted the Music Is Life Festival requesting a refund of your tickets.

As we are sure you are all aware, since 2020 the Covid-19 pandemic has decimated the music industry.

Due to various State Government restrictions and directions, the Music Is Life Festival has been postponed twice already, and is now having to be postponed again.

We appreciate that many of you purchased tickets in 2020 and have been patiently waiting to experience all that the Music Is Life Festival has to offer.

We have been waiting too.

Unfortunately, after having to postpone the festival again as a direct result of the ongoing issues resulting from Covid-19, the Music Is Life Festival now finds itself in the unfortunate circumstances of engaging solicitors to navigate legal disputes with various stakeholders.

The Music Is Life Festival is made up of very small team and the forced cancellation has caused significant distress, reputational and financial damage to the Music Is Life Festival.

Whilst we have been able to refund some of you, there are circumstances prohibiting us from refunding the remaining tickets. We appreciate that Covid-19 may have also
affected our customers financially and emotionally (or in many other ways) as well. We appreciate you are frustrated at not receiving a response from us or a refund, but we do ask that you continue to bear with the Music Is Life Festival whilst we deal with this difficult situation.

A further update will be provided to all ticket holders as soon as we are able to do so.”

**Official Major Announcement**


After much deliberation and given the circumstances still surrounding COVID-19 and the limitations and requirements STILL imposed on our particular industry in QLD, Music Is Life Festival will it seem, have no other choice for the 2nd year running to Postpone, (not cancel) our 2022 Festival due to the pandemic.

We are at an absolute loss for words as to why our industry still suffers under these imposed restrictions. We have AGAIN, been working frantically behind the scenes to figure SO much out and ask to please be patient whilst we sort this.

While we are seeing some restrictions being lifted, our industry is still plagued with restrictions that have made us have to make this heartbreaking decision.

We have seen time and time again major sporting and Government run events going ahead, so it makes NO sense to us whatsoever. The emotional and financial burden that this places on ALL our Artists and us as promoters is beyond words, with many of us already losing so much with most of us only just hanging in there.

In the last week, we have witnessed several other major festivals having to do the same thing and postpone as well.

One positive to come from this is that we had already been in talks with MAJOR artists already for 2023 and
announcements will be as soon as we possibly can.

We know this is a BIG ask, but again, we ask if you already have tickets to keep them as you already have for this long. We are truly devastated our industry and the artists are going through this but are positive come 2023 this and many other festivals will go ahead. Your Tickets will be carried over to 2023.

Thank you to all our Loyal Festival and Music lovers.

Web: www.musicislife.live
Facebook: MusicIsLifeFestival

Please Note: If you are wanting to request a refund, it MUST be done in writing within 21 days of the date listed above and ONLY via our email address so we can accurately keep track of them by emailing Music Is Life (admin@musicislife.live). It has been very trying times for EVERYONE and we do humbly ask to carry over your tickets as you have kept them this long and they will be valid in 2023.