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What is Music Is Life Festival?

We are bringing together some of the best and brightest artists from right across Australia, spanning an eclectic range of Music Genre’s including Rock, Punk, Pop, RnB, Dance, DJ’s and MORE!

What does the name Music Is Life Festival stand for?

We set out on an online journey some time ago to get a real gist of what music means to people. We explored forums, scoured platforms, and rifled through all thing’s music with just one question firm in our minds, needing an answer…. What does music really mean to people?

Time and time again the anecdotal evidence stacked up, music does not have to mean anything, music is just that, music IS life!

Our logo symbolises this realisation, that music is the heartbeat of life and ones love of Music.

What to expect?

Apart from some of the best and brightest artists across an eclectic range of genres!?

Music Is Life Festival will also have loads of general stalls, Food Vendors, and activities as well.

Jump onto our Facebook, Instagram or TikTok Pages to make sure you don’t miss one announcement as we roll out a bevvy or surprise artists, activities and tantalising titbits!