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Bliss N Eso

9 x ARIA nominated hip-hop giants Bliss n Eso are back with their highly anticipated, 7th studio album The Sun.


Featuring tracks with Chillinit, Dizzee Rascal and Kasey Chambers, The Sun is the massive follow up to 2017’s critically-acclaimed ARIA #1 album Off The Grid, which featured their triple-platinum smash hit single ‘Moments (feat. Gavin James)’, which has amassed ….


… 60+ million streams across platforms and received the ARIA Award for Best Music Video.

With their last three albums debuting at #1, selling close to half a million records in Australia alone, various prestigious awards and accolades, an unprecedented live presence and the most loyal fanbase in the country, Bliss n Eso return to the forefront with an album that nods to their biggest hits, with an entirely current sound.



Since his convention-smashing debut album ‘The Nebulizer’ dropped back in 2011, Kerser has released an album a year and his star has risen steadily.


His 2nd album ‘No Rest For The Sickest’ charted at #1 on the ARIA Urban Chart, #1 on the iTunes Hip Hop Chart and #14 on the overall iTunes Chart (not to mention the dubious honour of ‘Most Stolen Album From JB HiFi’).


In 2013, Kerser smashed the charts twofold when his ‘No Rest For The Sickest 2013 National Tour’ DVD debuted at #1 on the ARIA Music DVD Chart and his 3rd album ‘S.C.O.T’ peaked at #5 on the ARIA Albums Chart (#1 on the ARIA Urban Chart).

Following his ‘S.C.O.T’ national tour, Kerser released a second tour DVD, which reached #2 on the ARIA Music DVD Chart. Kerser’s 4th LP ‘King’ was released in November 2014 and shot straight to #1 on the ARIA Urban Chart, #9 on the ARIA Albums Chart, #1 on the iTunes Hip Hop Chart and #4 on the overall iTunes Chart.

Full Bio HERE

Rose Tattoo

Rose Tattoo, the true rock and roll outlaws and first and last gang in town rumbled into existence in late 1976 with a New Year’s Eve debut at Sydney’s legendary Bondi Lifesaver.


The band was the vision of Pete Wells, former bassist with Sydney heavy metal kids, Buffalo, his master plan embellished by ex-Band of Light bassist, Ian Rilen.


With Wells on slide guitar and Rilen on bass, former Buster Brown singer, Angry Anderson was recruited along with rhythm guitarist Mick Cocks and drummer Dallas “Digger” Royal and they set about destroying eardrums and venues across Australia.

With the band’s enormous power came a level of internal combustion and in August 1977, Rilen left on the eve of the release of the band’s debut single for Alberts, Bad Boy For Love to form the soon to be equally infamous X Geordie Leach who had played with Angry in Buster Brown stepped in to replace Rilen and the band’s classic self titled debut album produced by Vanda and Young was released in late 1978 with the killer singles, Bad Boy for love, Rock n’ Roll Outlaw and One of the Boys.

Being one of the best live acts in Australia and offering up an album that made The Stones at their peak sound tame tragically wasn’t enough and Tattoo found the going tough in their homeland. Their banning from Countdown, the country’s top music TV show, allegedly after Angry and Mick Cocks appeared to kiss on camera, summed up their lot.

By 1979 Cocks and Leach had left and the band was down to a four piece with legendary Australian guitar maverick, Lobby Loyde on bass. In an attempt to kick start the band’s career and trajectory, Loyde produced a second album in December 1979 titled Scarred but it remains unreleased. Nothing seemed to work and one of the most unique bands on the planet was being damned out of existence.

Salvation was quietly at hand. Despite the outfit’s lack of success and recognition in Australia, their debut album was quietly gaining traction in France and Germany.

It was decided to reunite the line-up of Anderson, Wells, Cocks, Leach and Royal, record what would be the Assault and Battery album and unleash the band on audiences in the UK and Europe in 1981.

It was a masterstroke. In the northern hemisphere, Tattoo were finally showered with the respect and affection that had been cruelly withheld in Australia, their storming appearance at the Reading Festival in August 1981 a crowning achievement and powerful statement to all that the new metal gurus had arrived.

But mid way through the European tour, Mick Cocks left and was replaced by former Dallimore guitar beast, Rockin’ Rob Riley who brought with him a whole new level of volume and intimidation.

By that point, Tattoo were poised to be the clear and logical successors to AC/DC but the decision was made to return to Australia, record the Scarred For Life album and prepare for an all important American tour in late 1982.

While launching an assault on the UK and Europe had been a brilliant tactic, leaving before landing the killer blow was a critical miscalculation. Despite doing dates with the likes of Aerosmith and ZZ Top, the Americans, more so than the Australians, didn’t know what to do when confronted with a bunch of beer swilling tattooed street toughs who played at skull splitting volume. Five years later Guns n’ Roses would take the world by storm with the ethos of Rose Tattoo but in 1982-1983, the US reaction to the Tatts was terror and confusion.

America effectively killed the band with Wells, Royal and Riley all leaving after they returned to Australia in early 1983. Angry continued on with Leach and after recruiting new personnel made 1984’s Southern Stars album but much of the band’s original spirit was gone.

Anderson did the Beats from A Single Drum album in 1988 which was more of a solo effort and featured the hit, Suddenly and in 1990 released the Blood From Stone album, the Australian tour for which saw the singer reunite with Rob Riley to open for Aerosmith.

Pete Wells meanwhile was beginning to carve out an impressive solo career starting with 1991’s Everything You Like Tries To Kill You album.

In 1993, the stars aligned once more when the original line-up of Tattoo were asked to open for Guns n’ Roses to play two huge outdoors shows in Sydney and Melbourne before almost 100,000 people. Tatts’ drummer, Digger Royal had tragically passed in 1989 and so Oz rock veteran, Paul De Marco was drafted into the band.

The outfit kicked on powerfully from there including a near poetic appearance at Brisbane’s notorious Boggo Road prison.

Steve King, who like Rob Riley, always seemed destined to play with Tattoo, came in on bass on the eve of the band’s 2000 European tour with Kingys’ second gig a baptism of fire at the massive Wacken Metal festival in Germany which was immortalised on the 25 to Life album and also featured the return of Rob Riley.

The underrated Pain album followed in 2002 with the band’s most intimidating line-up of Anderson, Wells, Riley, King and De Marco.

But tragically Pete Wells was suffering from cancer – and he wasn’t alone.

Dai Pritchard filled in on slide guitar when Wells was too unwell to continue – he passed in 27 March 2006.In a double blow, fellow founding member, Ian Rilen departed seven months later on 30 October after a bout with cancer himself. With Mick Cocks back in the fold in place of Riley and now Pritchard permanently installed the Tatts soldiered on with 2007’s Blood Brothers album which included a killer version of Stevie Wright’s Black Eyed Bruiser.

When cancer also took Cocks on 22 December 2009, it seemed the Rose Tattoo circle had been permanently and irreparably broken. But the body blows didn’t end there with drummer Paul De Marcos’ arrest in April 2014 and later imprisonment for alleged firearms offences curbing the band’s touring activity and placing the future in doubt.

A line-up of Tattoo however opened for Guns n’ Roses in Australia in February 2017 and stormed through an appearance at the Bang Your Head festival in Germany in July bathed in reverence from tens of thousands. In the second half of 2017, after countless personnel changes in the preceding years, Rose Tattoo re-emerged like a phoenix from the ashes with their strongest line-up in more than a decade.

The outfit features early AC/DC bassist, Mark Evans who featured on so many of the band’s timeless Bon Scott era songs and former Finch, Skyhooks and Angels’ master axeman, Bob Spencer alongside Angry, long time Tatts’ slide guitar ace, Dai Pritchard and drumming giant, Jackie Barnes.

With the new lineup firing on all cylinders and making a space all their own, they decided to revisit history and what is sacred studio ground by re-recording and updating the band’s classic debut album from 1978 adding a few songs that should have had a place on the original record.

Mark Opitz, who handled the band’s original demos in the late seventies and engineered such landmark recordings as AC/DC’s Powerage and The Angels’ Face to Face, will produce the rebirthed album.

In March, the Tatts kick off a unique Australian tour with The Hard Ons and then in July, storm through Europe once more in their own right.

Honoring the past and striding proudly into the future, THE boys are back and right now, Rose Tattoo are as good as it gets and that’s no small statement.


Celebrating over 40 years together, CHOIRBOYS are still doing what they have always done best, play great Australian Pub Rock.


Choirboys are one of Australia’s most authentic pub rock icons, having released a swag of enduring rock
anthems including Run To Paradise, Boys Will Be Boys, Never Gonna Die and many more.


From where they first started over 40 years ago, in 1978, to where they are now, so much has happened.

Having signed their first recording deal with Alberts, the CHOIRBOYS are undoubtedly a staple of Australia’s rock and roll history.

Hit records, full houses, travelling all over the world and living the Rock n’ Roll dream.

Mark Gable and his mates – Lindsay Tebbutt, Ian Hulme and Brett Williams – started in the 70s on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. “We had no idea what we were doing or where it would end up taking us – they didn’t call it Pub Rock in those days, but we were there in the beginning and we’re still here now!”

Choirboys are renowned for a great live show, it’s not just the music it’s the atmosphere they bring to the stage. The grafting, sweating, pulverizing, pounding, screaming – doing what they do best. Entertaining an audience by spilling their hearts and souls onto the stage. You just don’t get much more Rock ‘n Roll than that.

For the past 18 months the band have been recording a series of songs by influential artists. Starting with a 6 pack of Credence Clearwater Revival moving through Tom Petty and now onto Bruce Springsteen the band are on the trail to a music revelation. A reinterpretation of some classic songs into the Australian pub rock format. Possibly the way they should always have been done.

CHOIRBOYS are – Lindsay Tebbutt
Mark Gable
Ian Hulme
Brett Williams

Adam Brand

Adam Brand is one of Australia’s most popular and successful recording artists. A stellar career spanning twenty years has seen him nominated for multiple …


ARIA Awards, win 12 Golden Guitars, sell over 600,000 CDs & DVDs, as well as earn 3 platinum & 5 gold albums. A fan favourite, he has won a record 7 CMC OZ Artist of the Year awards.


So what is it about this charismatic male artist originally from the suburbs of Perth that has made him so successful. Adam Brand’s songs resonate as much with people from the suburbs as they do with those from regional and rural Australia. But the real key to Adam’s popularity is that he conjures up different feelings in different people and these feelings remain with listeners long after the last note. These listeners then become loyal fans for life.

While Adam Brand has always worn his heart on his sleeve, he is also ever ready to extend a helping hand. In 2012, Adam lent single ‘I Was Here’ to the Salvation Army’s Christmas Appeal. Among other such worthy causes, Brand has been an active supporter of Westmead Children’s Hospital, Sydney Children’s Hospital Gold Foundation and The Salvos.
Adam has many TV and radio hosting credits next to his name including The Great Outdoors, Dancing With The Stars, The Masked Singer and GOLD FM

Travis Collins

Travis Collins, a CMAA & CMC Male Artist of the Year and CMA Global Artist Award-winner, is never more at home than he is under stage lights


– world-beating band in tow. It’s this captivating dynamism and essential energy that thrills at the core of supercharged new album, Wreck Me.


For the tireless Collins, the two years since the release of his previous studio outing Brave & The Broken can be measured in country miles. That album stormed the charts, spawned a string of No.1 hits, and launched a sweeping national tour that saw Collins and band bring their expansive sound to audiences far and wide.

Brave & The Broken arrived amid an immensely rich period in Collins’ already enviable career. Then the CMC Male Artist of the Year for two years running, Collins made 2018 his own. Brave & The Broken landed hot on the tail of three Golden Guitar wins for Our Backyard (2017) with Amber Lawrence, and a CMAA Awards sweep in 2017 on the back of Hard Light (2016), which saw Collins take home Golden Guitars for Male Vocalist.


The legendary band – Dragon purveyors of Antipodean anthems and Australian Rock since 1973. Thousands of shows, tons of records sold, innumerable songs played since the reformation in 2006.


Dragon has hours of unforgettable music, to get your heart pumping and your feet moving. A whole night of perfect vision that mines the depths of Dragon’s set lists, songs you haven’t heard for years, that favourite song that never gets the time of day, they will all be there in all its glory. Come along, sing along, Get That Jive, get up and move with your Body and the Beat.


Formed in New Zealand, adopted by Australian fans, venues and airwaves. Original member Todd Hunter (bass) reformed Dragon in 2006 with a line-up of Mark Williams (vocals, guitar), Bruce Reid (guitar), and Pete Drummond (drums).

Are You Old Enough? Are we Still in Love (With You)? This Time, before your Young Years fade, come celebrate the Sunshine and the Rain. Your Wilder World awaits.

Shannon Noll

Shannon Noll has become a legend, a meme, an everyday hero and a county boy who stands by his word and convictions. He is also a proven Australian music icon.


His social media numbers alone prove what an influencer he has become in Australia!

His rise to fame as the first runner-up of the first Australian Idol series in 2003 changed his life from farm hand in Condobolin forever. Certified triple-platinum sales, number #1 hits, five top 10 albums, has 17 platinum and three gold accreditations, and boasts a reputation as the only Australian male artist in national chart history to have ever achieved ten consecutive top ten singles.  Beat that!

Samantha Jade

As Australias most-promising pop ingénue, all eyes are on Samantha Jade. Despite the US music industry trying to steal her away from us (with an international multiple album record deal), 


a twist of fate has ensured Australia has her back in our arms. Her Australian debut album (a self-titled collection of cover songs) and three consecutive 2013 single releases were certified smash hits, and now Samantha Jade is ready to turn it Up! with her next big hit.


It feels like Ive been away from music for a little bit, but actually Ive been working on new material in the studio, as well as doing a few corporate projects, and of course filming the INXS mini-series, Samantha says, talking about her career progression over the last year.

Chris Sebastian

As winner on The Voice Season 9 in 2020, mentored by Kelly Rowland, Chris Sebastian captured the attention and the hearts of Australians nationwide, both for his incredible talent, and his gracious, likeable nature.


His progression through the show has showcased his diverse skill as a singer, musician and writer; the complete artist in his own right.


Australian viewers have been drawn to him through not only his stunning vocals, but his trademark honest connection with his audience.

Chris Sebastian first found his voice and love for music at a very young age. This passion has never left him, and today Chris has honed his craftsmanship of songwriting alongside the industry’s best, writing for major artists and labels, and developing his own unique style.

Chris receives an overwhelming response everywhere he performs – both across his homeland of Australia, and around the world. He has toured as support to some of the world’s best, packed out his own headline shows, and more recently toured with Aussie electronic music duo, Peking Duk.

An electric performance, striking vocal technique, and a passion for his audience: this is what you can expect from an experience with Chris Sebastian.

Christie Lamb

Christie Lamb has been described as ‘the full package’, a powerhouse vocalist and multi-instrumental, award winning singer songwriter. 


Adding to her ever-growing mantle of awards, Christie was voted ‘CMC Female Artist of the Year ’ by Australian Country Music Fans. The talented songstress has been the recipient of a Golden Guitar for ‘CMAA New Talent of the Year’ and was also voted ‘CMC New Oz Artist of the Year’ again by Country Music Fans.


Christie released her eagerly awaited third studio album ‘Broken Lines’ through ABC/Universal Music, which debuted at #1 on the iTunes Country Album Chart and topped the Aria Charts at #1 on the Country Album Chart.

The first single release from ‘Broken Lines’ was the fun and fresh single ‘Hot Hot Kiss’, which debuted at #1 on the iTunes Country Charts. The remix also debuted at #1 on the iTunes Dance Charts, making Christie the first Australian Artist to have #1 hits on both iTunes charts.

Christie now has 15 top 5 radio releases to her name.

Touring relentlessly with her own dates across Australia and New Zealand, Christie is no stranger to being on the road. She has been a part of National tours with Lee Kernaghan for four years, opening the show as well as playing piano and mandolin as part of his band along with The Wolfe Brothers.

Earlier tours have included two years with Aussie Rock legend Jon English as the lead female vocalist and musician on ‘The Rock Revolution’ tour, ‘The Girls of Country’ tour with Amber Lawrence and Aleyce Simmonds, plus ‘This Crazy Life’ tour with The Wolfe Brothers, playing many sold out shows and expanding her ever growing fan base.

Constantly impressing at live performances, Christie has become quite the regular face on the festival scene. She has subsequently been booked on many of Australia’s Premier Country Festivals and events including CMC Rocks, The Big Red Bash, Deni Ute Muster, Gympie Music Festival, Groundwater Country Music Festival, Way Out West Festival Winton, Savannah In The Round Festival, North Queensland Rockin Country Festival, Cruising Country, Country Rocks Festival, Urban Country Music Festival, Mud Bulls and Music Festival, Sydney Country Music Festival, Barooga Country Music Festival, Country in the Vines, Penrith Truck Show and Norfolk Island Festival to name a few.

Christie’s performance at The Deni Ute Muster caught the eye of Keith Urban, who invited her back on stage to perform a duet with him in front of thousands of Country Music fans.

‘I reckon Christie Lamb is the one to watch. She is a star”. Lee Kernaghan

Missy Lancaster

Missy Lancaster is riding the wave of everything she feels as a 24 year old with an engaged fan base of young woman and men experiencing life’s highs and lows, both proudly and honestly.

With her debut album Piece Of Mein 2018, Missy detailed her postteen experiences off falling in love and approaching adulthood.

The album was a personal milestone. It debuted at #1 on the ARIA Australian Country Album chart and featured the songs ‘Heatwave’ and 


‘Forget’ which not only topped the country singles charts, but also achieved millions of streams across the globe.

In fact, Missy was the first Australian artist to ever be featured on Apple Music’s global initiative “Country Wide.”

Piece of Me also received industry recognition with Golden Guitar nominations for “Contemporary Album of the Year” and “Female Artist of the Year” at the 2019 Country Music Awards of Australia.

But what she’s most proud of is the life-changing experience of travelling to Uganda, Africa as an ambassador of International Needs Australia. This opportunity had a profound effect on Missy and has helped shape her as a person and songwriter.

In the last couple of years, she has experienced all the highs and lows that come with being an emerging recording artist. From getting a major record deal and the opportunities that come with that, to the lonely realities that come with constant travel, the pressure of expectation and regular absence from family and friends.

Missy’s new music is a reflection of all those experiences, those of her family and friends and her journey in arriving at adulthood.

The direction is reflected in her nostalgic new single ‘Wild,’ the first taste of what’s to come in Missy’s next musical chapter. With a new record deal and management team now in place, she’s taken the time to reflect on everything she has encountered in the last couple of years and she’s now ready to share those experiences through her music.

“I now understand and trust the process of what it means to be honest as a songwriter,” says Missy.

That process also extends to teaming up once again with her Grammy nominated producer Josh Kerr, who first collaborated with Missy on Piece Of Me. Kerr has also worked with superstars such as Keith Urban, Kelsea Ballerini and Dolly Parton.

She’s also found a songwriting sole-mate in Isabella Kearney-Nurse, who as well as writing hits for the likes of The Veronicas and Jessica Mauboy, has become one of Missy’s best and most trusted friends.

“I am in awe of how music can bring people together and help you uncover emotions you didn’t ever imagine you had,” says Missy.

“It’s an amazing thing to see how songs can have so many different meanings to different people. Music speaks to our soul in every sense. Being a storyteller through music is something I will always feel my most comfortable and fulfilled in doing.”

Selfish Sons

Selfish Sons are a three-piece alternative rock band from Brisbane. Making infectious rock music with pop sensibility, these brothers have established 


themselves as eccentric entertainers with a powerful sound. The 2014 release of their debut Album ‘Kickin’ Up Dust’ claimed the Number 2 spot on the ARIA Australian Country Albums chart. Since then, The Viper Creek Band have toured extensively, 


playing major festivals including Gympie Muster, Broadbeach Country Music Festival, Deni Ute Muster, CMC Rocks & Tamworth Country Music Festival shows that are standing room only and never disappoint.

2019 was undoubtedly a massive year for this three-piece with the release of their debut EP, ‘Sixfour’, which has now accumulated over 300,000 streams.

Wrapping up their national EP tour, they sold out their hometown Brisbane show. The band went on to tour another two times that year in which they saw multiple sold out shows across the country.

Adding to these milestones, Selfish Sons have also played alongside international acts including Twin Peaks (USA) as well as upcoming Australian artists such as IVEY, Cousin Tony’s Brand New Firebird, Tyne-James Organ and The Vanns.

This year, the band will be touring and releasing even more music which exemplifies their ability to create powerful, tight-knit accessible rock that exudes their enigmatic personalities.

Selfish Sons are an act to keep a close eye on.

Teddy Cream

Teddy Cream are one of Australia’s most exciting acts in the Electronic Music Space. Having played in nearly 20 different countries including major festivals shows at …


Ultra Europe and the iconic Creamfields UK 4 years running to crowds of 20,000+. Teddy Cream has supported international superstars of all genres from The Chainsmokers to Lil Uzi Vert, Diplo & more…


Along their travels Teddy Cream have built a fanbase amassing over 4.4 Million Likes on Gen Z favourite TikTok, 10,000,000 + Streams on Spotify and nearly 100,000 Instagram Followers. 

At only 24 years of age keep an eye on this duo. 


Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/teddycream/

TikTok – https://www.tiktok.com/@teddy.cream

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/teddycream

Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/artist/5piMnm6faQpIVYaFfaZSKf?si=P-geHsZcT3ehQMKgJH1tqg

Late For Woodstock

Late for Woodstock formed in May 1998 in Noosa Heads, Qld to bring back the authentic sounds of the 60’s & 70’s.


They soon became one of the Sunny Coast’s favourite bands playing “the music we grew up with”.

All these years later, the boys are still 


pulling out some of the best songs ever written. The Doors, CCR, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Neil Young, The Kinks, Santana, The Rolling Stones, Doobie Brothers, Rodriguez, Bob Dylan and many more are honoured in their faithful tributes to these classic artists. 

The four-piece rock group blast out the great rock classics from rock’s most unforgettable era with remarkable authenticity and enthusiasm. 

So unleash your inner hippy and let it all hang out. Or, as Timothy Leary might say, Turn Up, Tune In & Rock Out!

Late for Woodstock   Ph: 0413 234 918  https://www.facebook.com/lateforwoodstockband/

Caitlyn Shadbolt

Caitlyn Shadbolt has hit the ground running this year with the release of her highly anticipated single, ‘Bones’. Produced by Andy Mak (Vera Blue) & written with Dylan Nash (Dean Lewis), 


Caitlyn thinks ’Bones’ is a perfect summary of her life right now.

Caitlyn Shadbolt has hit the ground running this year with the release of her highly anticipated single, ‘Bones’. 


Produced by Andy Mak (Vera Blue) & written with Dylan Nash (Dean Lewis), Caitlyn thinks ’Bones’ is a perfect summary of her life right now.

The 24 year old has been lauded as ‘one to watch’. Caitlyn was a finalist in the sixth season of The ‘X Factor’ Australia, since then she has released a catalogue of music, including her debut album ‘Songs On My Sleeve’ (May 2017). The album was co-written with some of the worlds best songwriters & producers including Liz Rose (Taylor Swift),
John Alaiga (John Mayer), and A-grade Aussies, M-Phazes, Morgan Evans, Brooke McClymont & Phil Barton.

Upon release of the album, this Gympie girl’s creation hit #1 on the ARIA Country Album chart & the first single, ‘My Break Up Anthem’, held the #1 National Country Airplay Chart for over 8 consecutive weeks and became the 2nd most played song on Country Radio (held out of the top spot by Sam Hunt’s monster hit ‘Body Like A Backroad)

In 2017 Caitlyn was recognised for her achievements by winning the CMC award for best
New Artist, along with a nomination for Female Artist of the Year. 2020 will see Caitlyn release more new music and more touring of Australia.

Anna Farquhar

“Anna’s music is refreshingly honest, and the outpour of passion that radiates from her strong musical upbringing shines through in her songwriting.”

Central Queensland’s Anna Farquhar sings heartfelt tales of joy, sorrow and everything in between, and is heavily inspired by her experiences and travels. Inspired by the likes of Missy Higgins, 


Amy Shark and Fleetwood Mac to name just a few, Anna puts her own spin on the acoustic and pop rock genre. She is unapologetically honest in her song writing — unafraid to tell the truth, her music is direct, and she wears her heart on her sleeve.

For Anna, music has always been a part of her life in one-way or another. From singing with her Dad in the tractor on the farm in Capella, to playing piano with her grandmother, to singing in the car on family road trips, Anna would often find solace and positive vibes around music.

In her own words, “there has been a song for every part of my life, good and bad, and if there hasn’t been a song that’s helped me through something, I’ve written one”.
Anna’s drive to create music stems from her hardwired desire to have people connect to her music the same way she has with other artists’. There’s often an aura, an air of relatability in her music that makes listeners come back for more. Above all, Anna hopes to create songs that alleviate the pain, or brighten your day, even if it’s just for a moment.

Anna has opened for the likes of Bubsy Maruo, Sara Storer, Diesel, Shannon Noll, and performed at two Tamworth Country Music Festivals.

Anna released ‘Mama (A Song For Chris)’ back in August 2017. It made waves in the charts, debuting at #14 and topping out at #5 for the iTunes Top 200 Australian Singer/Songwriter category. This milestone was a significant feat for the young, up-and-coming artist, and a sign of bigger things to come.


Hailing from Queensland’s South East corner, Mothwing have been creating their intense rock repertoire since 2012. 


The band blends all-valve driven guitar and bass riffs with punchy drums and diverse vocals to deliver an epic soundscape.

Mothwing are
Brad Roberts: Guitars, vocals, Jake Frampton: Drums, Scott Barker: Bass, James Dixon: Guitars, vocals.


New Release 2020

Mothwing have recorded a new single at Heliport Studios on the Sunshine Coast Queensland. “Wipe the Slate Clean” will be released as the punchy new short and fast single.

Meanwhile, the band will continue to write and record more tracks for future releases.

Check out the Music page on this website to listen to the back catalogue.

Aspy Jones

Aspy Jones is a singer-songwriter with a difference.
Aspy combines a mix of acoustic pop/rock and intrinsic lyrics with reggae, rap and brass for a unique, fresh sound.


Aspy Jones is a young artist that you will definitely want to get to know. While his songs reflect a quirky sense of humour, a keen eye for life and an ear for song writing, they are also real, authentic and honest. They’re written from his unique perspective on life and the difficulties he’s faced as he’s learnt to live with Asperger’s Syndrome, autism and anxiety.


They’re written from his unique perspective on life and the difficulties he’s faced as he’s learnt to live with Asperger’s Syndrome, autism and anxiety.

At just 19, Aspy started winning competitions playing his original music solo or with his band. He won Battle of the Rising Stars at the Noosa Surf Club, AICM Band Showdown with the Gympie Music Muster, Talent Search at the Rockhampton River Festival and he also won a 4-track EP recording with Pacific International Music at Hervey Bay Unplugged. Aspy knew this career choice wasn’t going to be easy so he started busking and gigging at 16 and now entertains crowds at Gympie Music Muster, Mitchell Creek Rock and Blues Fest, Rockhampton River Festival, Hervey Bay Seafood Festival, Rush Festival, Hot 91 Fire in the Sky, Peregian OriginalsGympie New Year’s Eve Family Fun Night supporting The X Factor’s, Dean Ray and Taylor Henderson and he was showcased at the Sunshine Coast Annual Regional Music Conference, Turn Up. He has also been the recipient of grants from the Queensland Government’s Regional Arts Fund and Regional Arts Development Fund to release his debut EP ‘Tantamount.

Aspy’s debut single ‘Hatches’ was well received and went straight to No.1 on the Triple J Unearthed Overall Chart and was played on several community radio stations. ‘Hatches’ also made it to the semi-finals of the Listen Up Song Writing Competition from nearly 3000 entries. “I wrote it for a friend who was having a hard time struggling with depression,” says Aspy. “I really wanted to help but didn’t know how to. I wanted them to hang in there, talk to friends and focus on the light at the end of the tunnel”.

Madhouse’ was the second release and it also hit the top of the Triple J Unearthed Rock Chart and was followed up with a crazy video. Madhouse is all about my weird but wonderful family. My quirkiness has to come from somewhere!” he laughs. Aspy did not have the easiest of childhoods and was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at 8 years old. “It’s difficult for people with autism to fit in and feel like they belong. I was always an outsider”, he explains. “But now I think my disability helps my creativity as a song writer. ‘Madhouse’ was the first song I wrote about difference. I love being at home with my family but whenever people come to visit, they probably think we’re a bit weird”.

Not Good Enough’ was about his continuous self-doubt as he tries to pursue his dreams and it followed the same pattern and found its way to the top of the Triple J Unearthed Roots Chart! ​ “I’d always been told I wasn’t writing music that was current” he said. “I wasn’t mainstream, but I realised that there were people out there who liked it.

Aspy Jones is a prolific songwriter, “I constantly find myself scrawling lyrics on the back of beer mats and napkins or singing new melodies into my phone,” he says. “I’ve got notebooks full of songs, it’s just the way I express myself.I only learnt to play guitar so that I could bring what was in my head to life.”

Growing up in a family of four kids in the Sunshine Coast hinterland town of Gympie was an adventure after moving to Australia from Wales when he was eight.

Musically, his influences are diverse, from David Bowie, Billy Joel, Stevie Wonder and Queen to Cat Empire, Mumford & Sons, Ed SheeranJack Johnson and The 1975. Whenever he’s unsure where his music might fit, he thinks of other trailblazing artists. “People like David Bowie, Bob Dylan or Freddie Mercury. They had to teach an entire world to love them because their sound was so different,” he says.

Music’s everything to me,” he says. “It’s an amazing way to express yourself. People can’t do without it – often I’ll be listening to music in the mornings in the shower or in the car and it can be just as important as having breakfast really because it can put you in a really good mindset for the rest day. Whatever happens in your life, music is always there for you.”

BB Factory

2020 Finalists for Australian Blues Music “Chain” Awards Group Of The Year BB FACTORY formed shortly after the passing of BB King in May 2015.


BB FACTORY have wowed audiences with their high energy, encore drawing performances including stand out performances at Blues On Broadbeach, Bellingen Bluesfest, Mitchell Creek Rock ’n’ Blues Fest, Bayside Bluesfest and many more.


A cracking live band with seasoned musos oozing from their ranks, playing original contemporary & progressive blues/roots interspersed with unique interpretation of old school classics, BB Factory released their debut full length all original album “First World Blues” in May 2018.

It follows an impressive track record in channeling sounds from the authentically classic and gritty side of blues, funk, rock and roll and gospel, with each single released reaching #1 on the iTunes Blues/Roots charts and the album debuting at #9 on the Australian Blues & Roots Airplay Chart and remaining in the top 20 for six consecutive months. 

USA frontman Harold Jackson is known as BB Factory’s “Toastmaster General”. Jackson is a natural singer able to transpose his voice from the soulful clean to the downright dirty blues shouting from the yesteryear. 

Jackson’s vocals are matched with the blistering guitar work of Pedro Verhoeven, ripping Sax of Gary Mulholland, augmented with the tasty Hammond organ licks by Bruce Crouch, and driven by the band’s exemplary rhythm section, composed of bassist Craig Hamilton and drummer Cvitan Barac. 

On October 11th. 2019 BB Factory released ‘Let The Good Times Roll (A Right Royal Tribute To The King Of The Blues)” recorded live at the Doo-Bop Bar on August 17th. The reception has been outstanding so far with the CD debuting at #5 in October ABARAC chart and continuing to climb the international blues airplay chart (IBBA) in the 6 months since release. 

A dazzingly authentic, real deal manifesto” -BlankGC May 2018 

BB Factory have delivered a fine album with some very soulful songs.” -Blues Magazine May 2018 “A great, new, fresh sound” – Groove Mag Nov 2017 

Soul tinged urban blues.. from the heart” – 12th Vine & Post Nov 2017 

“Hammering blues rock” – Scenestr Nov 2017 

Blues On Broadbeach 2017, 2018 

Ipswich Jazz & Blues Fest 2019 

Bellingen Bluesfest 2018 

Mitchell Creek Rock ’n’ Blues Fest 2018, 2020 

Bayside Bluesfest 2018, 2019 

Lachy Doley Group support 2017 

Wallaby Blues Rock Fest 2020 

‘Save Me’ Single #1 iTunes Blues & Roots, Nov 2017 

‘Blues For You’ single #1 iTunes Blues & Roots, Mar 2018 

‘Blues For You’ single #1 AMRAP regional chart, Mar 2018 

‘Sweet Refrain’ single #1 AMRAP regional chart, April 2019 

‘Keep Yo Mama’ #5 AMRAP regional chart, August 2020

Human Dinosaur Machine

Human Dinosaur Machine is a blend of 90’s grunge and American pop punk with an Australian edge that will bury it’s hooks into you upon listening; a vocally raw truth of wonder and pain alongside intricate rhythms and gorgeous melodies that completely envelop you, the way music should.

    “HDM are like caged tigers, too wild, loud; too BIG! to be boxed in a recording studio” -Rob Hirst, Midnight Oil

    Olivia Ruth

    “Olivia Ruth are fast becoming the name on South East Queensland music lover’s lips. Based on the Sunshine Coast, Olivia Ruth are a musical force to be reckoned with.


      Their distinctive rock-infused sound is a product of Olivia’s dynamic vocals, impressively-crafted original songs, and a tight and solid group of artists who are passionate about their music. Their gigs showcase a range of musical styles, from gentle acoustic-driven ballads and funky blues-inspired songs through to powerful rock-solid anthems.


      Olivia Ruth pride themselves on bringing back the art of storytelling. Together with sassy poetic lyrics they express raw and unadulterated emotion, bringing you music that will have you laughing, crying and dancing. Be surprised, be captivated, be moved and let Olivia Ruth rock you.”

      Pink Vs Gaga

      Raise Your Glass – Pink Tribute! Is excited to announce the Ultimate Rock Versus Pop Show, Pink and Lady Gaga! Australia‘s best and most spectacular Ultimate Tribute Show!


        Pink – With countless top 10 singles, sold out tours and record-breaking attendances, without doubt, Pink is the most popular and dazzling Rock Goddess of the international music scene.

        Gaga – Having sold 27 million albums and 146 million singles, Gaga is among the best-selling musicians of all time. Known as the Queen of Pop, Gaga is sure to amaze!


        This is a Tribute to two of the most influential female artists of all time!  Raise Your Glass – Pink Tribute Australia‘s best and most spectacular Ultimate tribute show!

        The Performers behind Raise Your Glass Pink Versus Gaga are;

        Mount Isa born singer and musician Kim Boath. Kim is a powerful performer in her own right, accomplished and versatile with an outstanding vocal talent.

        Brisbane born Singer Emily Rose. Emily is Classically trained by the conservatorium and is without doubt a carbon copy of Lady Gaga in all respects.

        Kim and Emily are complimented by Queensland‘s best musicians.  The Raise Your Glass band are consummate professionals, all with International touring experience. All in all this guarantee‘s a magical show spectacular, an experience of a life time.

        In 2018 the Raise Your Glass show has been booked for many high-Profile events. Hand Selected for the Opening Celebrations at the Gympie Muster, Main Act for the Mount Isa Camel Races (Outback

        Melbourne Cup), the Darwin Cup and over its 5 Year History Many Queensland Government Business Awards, Main Act for many National Breast Cancer Foundation Events and a very Large Show in Papua New Guinea for the nation’s celebrations.

        Raise Your Glass! Pink Versus Gaga Tribute, a spectacular like no other, a 2 ½ hour feature packed show with Costume Changes and two Stunning performers, Raise Your Glass it‘s time to Marry the

        Night Away!

        Adam Ludewig

        16-year-old student Adam lives in a small country town in remote rural South Australia. Growing up, Adam felt isolated, uninspired and he misbehaved.


          One day, Adam who often heard his dad playing music around the house, picked up a guitar and discovered he could sing. 

          Channelling his attention into music and with his parents’ unwavering support, Adam came to The Voice to make his parents proud and to bring the mullet back.


          Adam sang “Leave a Light On” by British singer-songwriter Tom Walker and turned all four chairs, with Boy George, Delta Goodrem, Guy Sebastian and Kelly Rowland all vying to mentor the singer. 

          Check out his four-chair turning moment and keep an eye on this Amazing young guys’ talent.

          Andy Martin

          The 23-year-old multi-instrumentalist left his hometown of Cairns when he was just 17 to study under the great James Morrison at his Mt Gambier Jazz Academy when James discovered Andy performing in the remote community of Yarrabah.


            Andy Martin had quite the 2020 – despite the fact it wasn’t really the easiest time for a new artist to release new music. Andy’s energetic indie pop sound has made a mark not just here but all
            over the globe with the single releases Heat of it All and Mess We Made. 


            After two sell out live shows in Brisbane (Woolly Mammoth) to celebrate the launch of the EP with a full band behind him, Andy is already making waves so early into his career. He has been compared to the emotional Indie sound of artists like Sam Fender, Bruce Springsteen & Gang of Youths. He is relatable, thoughtful and empathetic in his song writing.

            From performing trumpet with internationally acclaimed brass bands to playing leads in various musicals, Andy’s musical journey has been quite unorthodox.

            Moving between Cairns and Brisbane after his studies and global experiences under the guiding hand of James, Andy went on to form the band HANDLES. It went from a 2-piece to a 5-piece and the band had a hugely successful couple of years, supporting the likes of Alex Lahey, playing at the Commonwealth Games and receiving a no. 1 spot on the overall Triple J Unearthed Charts for their song, “Selfish Lover”.
            However, with Andy moving to Brisbane and to study/work it spelled the end for the band.
            Towards the end of 2019, Andy met with Ian Haug from Powderfinger and since that friendship and encouragement, went to record his debut EP at Airlock Studios alongside James See.

            With the support of Arts Queensland, Andy’s debut EP, “Living in the Heat of it All”, was released on the 6th of November 2020. It was recorded over the past 12 months out at Airlock Studios and features 6 tracks in which Andy is playing every instrument you hear (apart from the drums). The energy and passion that Andy projects into his live shows and into his recorded works is palpable and inspiring. He has something to say and you can feel it. His textured instrumentation along with his introspective lyrical content has really formed a sound ready for audiences across the world. 

            What people are saying:

            Ian Haug – owner/director of Airlock Studios, guitarist for Powderfinger/The Church:

            “Andy is equal parts prodigy/savant and accessible/relatable rising star. There is a huge audience out there that love Andy, but they haven’t found him yet. His compositions are original – yet familiar.”

            Declan Byrne – Triple J – on Heat of it All:

            “How big is this one!! nice one andy, i can see fans of fergus james getting swept up in this too.”

            Zan Rowe – Triple J – on My Hearts Not Beating in Time:

            “Scotch Fingers and a cup of tea ALSO make me very happy. Super catchy new song Andy.”

            Pip Rasmussen – Triple J – on Mess We Made:

            “Really nice vibes on this! I dunno I’m getting an almost old school 80s awakening song with a lovely raspy pop rock vocal.

            Livewire Music Australia – on the EP:

            “Powerful. Heart-felt. Punchy. Andy Martin is a fairly fresh face on the scene, but he won’t be forgotten anytime soon. The Brissie based indie rocker has been trickling singles over the year that has been building to the release of his debut EP. A cohesive record that navigates love, life and everything in between; an impactful record that sings of lows yet leaves us on a high.

            MILKYMILKYMILKY – on the EP:

            “Navigating themes of love, heartbreak and mental health, the six track release sees the musician take on the ambitious task of being the sole performer on the EP. Martin wrote and recorded each instrumental part across the release, giving the musician full creative license over the tracks. The personal and introspective tracks touches on internal conversations the singer has had with himself, presenting an unparalleled vulnerability threaded throughout the songs.”

            Indie Music Centre (France) – on Mess We Made:

            “Just like in his first single, Andy Martin manages to make a love disappointment becoming a joyful anthem! Always in control of all the instruments, Andy Martin gives us a perfect performance, both in terms of song writing, and singing skills.”

            Clout (UK) – on Heat of it All:

            “Creating highly energetic indie-rock with a twist of pop in the mix, ‘Heat of It All’ provides an elevating sound within the current madness of the world.”


            Hurricane Fall

            The energy and performance that Hurricane Fall bring to the stage is world class. They are the most exciting band I have scene in many years.


              Alignnment of their unwavering dedication to the do-it-yourself work ethic with a unique Country sound, Jesse Vee (singer/guitarist), Pepper Deroy (singer/bassist), Lachlan Coffey (drummer), Tim Hickey (keyboardist/guitarist) and Luke Wheeldon (guitarist/producer), have helped to define the landscape of today’s country music scene.


              Hurricane Fall is:

              Pepper Deroy – Vocals and Bass

              Jesse Vee – Vocals and Guitars

              Lachlan Coffey – Percussion

              Tim Hickey – Guitars and Keys

              Luke Wheeldon – Guitars

              DJ Brooklyn

              From a quiet charming country-girl to a vibrant alluring international artist, Brooklyn is a  performer who occupies her own unique space in the music industry and dances to the beat of  her own drum. 


              Her effortless tomboy-chic style, seamless music sets and theatrical performance fuse together to create stunning visuals that entirely immerses the crowd who just absorb her energy.


              This is one rising performer who HASN’T been plucked from a model casting call, or emerged  from the depths of Instagram or reality TV. She did it the hard way with a fire in her belly and  a strong mindset until she solidified her place in the Australian Dance Music scene.  

              Brooklyn has remained grounded despite organically cultivating almost 900k devoted fans  across her social media channels by being her true-self, naturally connecting with followers,  projecting positivity while retaining an element of mystery.  

              In 2018 she released her debut single, Foolish, which quickly became a memorable summer  anthem across the airways and landed on some big Spotify playlists with it peaking at #16 on  the viral charts. Her second single is set to be released early this year with fans eager to hear  her next big sound.  

              Her striking bright green eyes have seen some of the biggest crowds across the globe at Omina  in Bali, Creamfields in the UK and on the world’s largest cruise ship festival, ‘It’s the ship’.  

              When global megastar David Beckham toured Vietnam to promote his whiskey he called upon  Brooklyn to jump on the journey with him to do what she does best; create a united buzz in  the room.  

              Her passport is flowing with stamps from performances in Japan, Singapore, Indonesia,  Malaysia, Cambodia, South Korea, Thailand, England, Scotland and Ireland where she left a  lasting impression with fans who constantly ask when she’ll be returning to their local hot  spot.  

              You can encounter Brooklyn’s encompassing vibe at Ultra Music Festival this year but don’t be  ‘Foolish’ in thinking festivals are new territory for her with previous shows on the mainstage at  Australia’s past music festivals; Stereosonic and Future Music.  

              Creating the Brooklyn Empire has left her with a chock-a-block touring schedule across the  globe and throughout Australia with most of her time spent going between airports, hotels and  the stage.  

              You’ll catch her at some of the big name venues across the country such as Adelaide’s HQ  Complex, The Argyle and Marquee in Sydney as well as The Met and Eatons Hill in Brisbane just  to name a few.  

              When she’s on the DJ platform you can expect big room sounds, electro-house, iconic anthems  and deep bass tracks, all while at any moment jumping off the decks to bring an element of  dance to her performance.  

              Off the stage, Brooklyn becomes Brooke who is a daughter, sister, aunty, dog lover and to be  truthful is fairly shy and just enjoys her own company.  

              In 2019 Brooklyn will become fiercer with visions to put on conceptual shows which encompass  every bewitching feature about her from her performance, her look, her attitude and of course  her music.


              Charlie McFarlane is an up and coming musician born in Glasgow, Scotland who now calls Australia home. The Solo Musician career of Charlie McFarlane began in 2020, with the release of his first single Blind.


                Charlie is well known for his appearance on The Voice Australia 2020 (season 9) where he successfully made it through the blind auditions with two chair turns and went onto the battle round on Team Kelly Rowland performing ‘Circles – Post Malone’ against a duo.

                Katie Jayne Band

                Newcastle based country artist Katie Jayne is best known for her fun, high energy band performances and authentic social media presence.


                A champion of women, her songs lead the listener on a journey of girl power style sass through to a vulnerable relatability. Exploring an autobiographical writing style, Katie writes songs for girls just like her while drawing inspiration from the likes of Miranda Lambert, The Chicks and Dolly Parton.


                A favourite in the digital landscape, her music sits at over 1 million streams. Combine that with multiple top 20 radio placements and many notable festivals under her belt, Katie continues to go from strength to strength.

                The longer story:

                The fresh face of pop country, Katie took her Dubbo roots over to the UK and brought home a unique musical flavour. Fun and a bubbly with a charm that leads the audience through complex emotional ballads back to high-energy party tunes, Katie is a songwriter that will leave you dancing. Her second single No Shadow is a sassy girl-power anthem which scored over 450,000 streams on Spotify, high rotation on CMC and landed in the KIX COUNTRY Top 20 chart.

                ​Originally from Dubbo, NSW, Katie began her career in the United Kingdom in 2015 as the driving force behind the duo Southern Junction. Making her debut at the Isle of Wight Festival, Katie went on to play many impressive venues including London’s O2 Arena, for the Country2Country Festival, FSA Fest as well as the UK’s leading country music festival, Buckle and Boots.

                ​With her third single, Use Me, released March 29th 2019, audiences are treated to a softer more vulnerable side to her writing. The video gained 20,000 views in the first 24 hours of release alone and the single charted at #2 on the iTunes charts, sitting at over 330,000 streams on Spotify. Use Me also reached top 10 status on KIX Country proving to be a stand out track for the young artist. “This song is my heart laid bare but I think that we can all relate to the message in one way or another” – Katie Jayne.

                Her recent acoustic recording of a self penned anthem Do It Like a Man, released in video format, was a gift to her community. Katie shows how her fan forward approach positions her as a key player in todays country music industry, also resulting with her being invited to lecture at the CMAA Academy of Country Music January 2020. 

                Her fifth single SOS is a vibrant sing along style track and the perfect anthem to lead the artist into her busiest Tamworth Country Music Festival to date with a whopping 15 shows over the 10 days. 

                Now with COVID impacting on live shows, Katie has taken the time to work on new material with her sixth single Why Can’t You Love Me?

                Paying homage to her country roots, Katie pours her heart out in this beautiful new power ballad.

                Written by Katie and produced by Gareth Hudson (Hazy Cosmic Jive), it’s a song without a happy ending. Why Can’t You Love Me? speaks to the heartache of feeling like you don’t belong and letting your worth be defined by the people around you.

                With emotive vocals from Katie that soar with feeling, Why Can’t You Love Me? is sure to become yet another fan favourite from this genuinely talented singer-songwriter.

                Offering #7 comes in the form of upbeat party track, Drunk Dial. Gaining the artists first number 1, Drunk Dial is a song every one can relate to.

                Vixens of Fall

                The three sisters Kristina (Nina), Adrienne (Wren) and Anneliese (Lulu) who make up Vixens of Fall are like the region they are sweet, hot and a little bit crazy!


                The girl’s earliest influences came through the music of their home.

                The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac and later on Shania Twain, were all a part of their family’s morning repertoire and began the girls early passion for song.


                Their coming together as ‘Vixens of Fall’ in 2014 has seen the girls work tirelessly to capture the hearts and minds of their fans across the states. From that date onwards they have played numerous country music festivals including the legendary Tamworth and Gympie Muster, received notable radio airplay and released two singles and an EP.

                They have just returned from Tamworth Country Music Festival with a string of successful shows, winners of the Tamworth 2020 Battle of the Bands, Runner up in the Aristocrat Country Entertainer of the year 2020 and first timers in walking the red carpet at the Golden Guitar awards.

                Vixens of Fall ooze the country rock ethos of their predecessors. The three have such a sassy attitude and disposition about them that you can’t help but be enchanted by the glowing smiles that draw you in and dance you through their playful but heartfelt songs. Songs that quite obviously come from a place of passion and experience and obviously connect deeply with their spellbound audience.

                In 2020 The Vixens are bound for bigger and better things as they prepare for the recording of their first album after launching their new single on Valentine’s day, February 14. Receiving high rotation airplay on over 30 stations throughout Australia and having debuted at number 12 on the Australian Country Charts.


                Each member of Hinterland is a “triple threat” – a singer, songwriter and master of their instrument. As 3 individuals, they are some of the most decorated and well respected musicians 


                and songwriters in the Australian music scene. All 3 have experienced great success in their collectively long careers in the music business and have often collaborated 


                as The Bostocks and playing cover gigs under name The Daisy Dukes.

                Rachel Bostock is one of the most revered violinists in Australia and a 3 time Golden Fiddle Award winner. Robbie Bostock just recently won a National Songwriting Award for an original instrumental and has toured the world playing guitar on the biggest stages with some of our huge homegrown talent. Jesse Emmanuel also has an APRA Songwriters Award under her belt and a co-writing credit on a hugely successful single, Taylor Moss’ “Let Me Be”, which reached #3 on the iTunes charts in 2019.

                Just last year they opened for Troy Cassar Daley and Jimmy Barnes as a trio. But this new project, which was quickly coined “Hinterland” as a nod to each member’s childhood homes and love for doing things a little bit outside the box, promises to be the most exciting endeavor for Rachel, Robbie and Jesse.

                Their first single, “In The Hinterland” kicked some major goals for the new band. It reached #2 on iTunes, #1 on 2TM in Tamworth and #8 overall on Australian country radio. The accompanying video amassed over 10,000 views in 24 hours and was quickly added to both CMC and then CMT. The trio have just dropped their second single, “Turbulence”, and are putting the finishing touches on an EP for late 2020.

                Hinterland might be a new band, but every single member has cut their proverbial music industry teeth many, many years ago. This is a group who has been around the block and now knows how to play, write and sing at the top of their game and with deep seated chemistry that can only come from over a decade of working together and being best friends and family.

                After finding that there simply wasn’t enough big, rocking band songs in country or pop music Robbie, Rachel and Jesse decided it was time to bring back the riff in 2020. They enlisted the help of critically acclaimed producer Stuart Stuart (Sheppard, The Veronicas, Amber Lawrence) to help them find their style and unique sound as a group. A blend of modern writing and slick country production with elements of 80s and 90s pop/rock, tied together with the all important guitar and violin solos and layered harmonies, Hinterland aims to combine musical nostalgia with an appreciation for showy playing to create seriously catchy songs laden with hooks, riffs and raw talent.

                Their first single, “In the Hinterland” is a perfect example of that. It opens with a huge, lone drum beat and then Jesse brings the band in with an infectious “come on!”, a nod to Shania Twain’s iconic crossover country/pop masterpiece album, “Come On Over”, which featured spoken ad lib introductions throughout. From there it is an auditory onslaught of guitars, fiddle and vocal hooks as the band tells the story of living life out in the hinterland both literally and as a metaphor for doing things a little different to the norm. This is the type of song that needs to be played loud and, if possible, LIVE.

                Luke Dickens

                After gaining national recognition as the runner-up in Australian Idol 2008, Luke played and toured his debut album “Underdog” up and down the east coast of Australia and was invited to play 


                for Sir Richard Branson (Virgin Australia) in Los Angeles and then, to his greatest honour yet, for our troops in Afghanistan. After gaining national recognition as the runner-up in Australian Idol 2008, 


                Luke played and toured his debut album “Underdog” up and down the east coast of Australia and was invited to play for Sir Richard Branson (Virgin Australia) in Los Angeles and then, to his greatest honour yet, for our troops in Afghanistan.

                Luke won Toyota Star Maker in 2011 going on to tour his “Devil In The Wind” album from northern QLD, NSW, VIC, SA and all the way to Perth, eventually revisiting the Middle East to play for our troops in the Sinai Desert with Beccy Cole.

                Luke has just recorded his third album “After The Rain” in Nashville and is looking forward to touring Australia again after marrying his partner of five years and moving with her and their three children to Brisbane QLD later this year.

                Golden Guitar Nominee – Best New Talent – 2012

                Toyota Star Maker – 2011

                Runner-up Australian Idol – 2008

                “After The Rain” album ARIA Australian Artist Country Album Chart #1

                “After The Rain” album ARIA Country Chart #5

                “After The Rain” album ARIA All Genres Chart #49

                “After The Rain” album Australian Independent Record Labels Association #1


                SOUTHBOUND is an All-Girl Country-Rock Super Group co-fronted by two of Australia’s most highly regarded female modern-country artists ‘Missy Lancaster’ & ‘Rachael Fahim’.


                The band, co-fronted by two of Australia’s most highly regarded female modern-country artists ‘Missy Lancaster’ & ‘Rachael Fahim’ can collectively boast three Australian Country #1 records, Two CMC award nominations and more than seven million streams.


                Banding together in early 2019, the SOUTHBOUND vision was clear ‘we wanted to create an act with a rocking live show that would empower women at the same time!’.

                The groups debut single “Get Drunk On Me’ released January 2020 with a near capacity debut show at the Tamworth Country Music Festival, the group were met with rave reviews followed by adds across the country radio network seeing the song peak at #6 on the National airplay charts and achieve more half a million streams in its first 3 months.

                SOUTHBOUND is a high energy, sexy, enigmatic live spectacular filled with fun! The group performing re-imagined Rock N Roll classics with a country twist, fan-favourites from solo careers and new SOUTHBOUND branded material that the group warmly refer to as ‘a bunch of drinking songs to party to!’

                Southbound will release their sophomore single ‘Drink’ in May 2020.

                Hayley Jensen

                The past few years have shown that Hayley is here to stay and a force to be reckoned with in the Australian country music scene. 


                With her sophomore album ‘Past Tense and Present Peace’, achieving her first iTunes #1 chart position and follow up single ‘Summertime Soundtrack’ hitting #1 on Australian Country Radio Charts.


                Her hard work was rewarded with a Southern Stars ‘Rising Female Artist’ Award in 2016, a Top 5 finalist position at the 2018 Country Music Channel (CMC) Awards for ‘New Artist of the Year’ and ‘Australian Female Artist of The Year’ award in Planet Country Radio’s ‘Music For A New Generation’ Awards. She was also a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition.

                Off the back of these outstanding achievements, Hayley signed with Social Family Records, and released her album ‘Turning Up The Dial’ in May 2018. The record was the 3rd highest selling Australian Country Album according to ARIA, and the 2nd highest selling digital album on iTunes Country charts, amongst the esteemed company of country icons, Keith Urban and Kasey Chambers. ‘Turning Up The Dial’ also hit #16 in the ARIA Australian Albums (all genre) Charts, and was the highest charting Independent Label Album in the AIR Charts.

                Produced in Nashville USA with Grammy and Emmy Award winning producer, Jamie Tate at The Rukkus Room, the album featured some of the finest musicians in the world. All songs were written or co-written by Hayley, alongside hit writers including Phil Barton, Jerry Salley, and local artists Kirsty-Lee Akers and Natalie Person to name a few.

                Hayley launched ‘Turning Up The Dial’ at a jam-packed tour before heading to the UK to perform as a headline international act at Buckle & Boots Country Music Festival, where her song ‘Summertime Soundtrack’ was dubbed the festival soundtrack. At the festival, Hayley performed alongside popular international acts, American Young (US), Jenn Bostic (US) and Filmore (US).

                International festival and touring opportunities continued in 2019 with Hayley performing at two massive festivals in Canada – Calgary Stampede (Alberta) & Dauphin’s CountryFest (Manitoba). At both festivals, Hayley was the only Australian artist in the line-up. Whilst in Canada, Hayley also performed across Saskatchewan with local artist, Amy Nelson, and on Canadian morning television on Saskatoon CTV & Global Calgary Television.

                On the homefront, Hayley was also invited to be the feature artist for Groundwater Country Music Festival in 2019, taking part in all media launch activities, including features in national outlets, The Sunday Telegraph, Network 7’s ‘The Morning Show’, and interviewing US Chart toppers, the Davisson Brothers Band. 

                Growing up in regional Australia, Hayley was attracted to the honest storytelling and authenticity of country music. Her musical journey has been eclectic, bursting onto the scene to become a household name as a Top 4 finalist on the 2nd season of Australian Idol, she has performed for Coalition Forces in the Middle East, coached aspiring artists in the Solomon Islands, won a coveted MusicOz Award, and was mentored by Kylie Minogue on The Voice Australia. Her ‘blind audition’ from the show has gone on to receive close to 2 Million views on YouTube.

                Hayley has since been embraced by the genre that inspired her as a child – where she feels most ‘at home’ personally, vocally, and as a songwriter. Over the past 4 years, Jensen has released ten hit singles, with music videos appearing daily on Foxtel’s CMC. Each release charted higher than the previous with many featuring in the CMC Top 30 and KIX Country Top 20 Charts. Jensen’s fifth single from the album, ‘Next Big Thing’, skyrocketed to #1 on Australia’s major Commercial Country Radio Network, KIX Country.

                ‘Summertime Soundtrack’ was added to the ‘Fresh Country’ playlist on Spotify, as well as the ‘Aussie Country’ and ‘Pure Country’ playlists on Apple Music accumulating well over 200,000 streams across platforms. Hayley also released the song to Canadian Country Radio, and it was added to Canadian Spotify playlist ‘Country Smash Hits’.

                The past few years have seen an influx of new country fans connecting with Hayley and her music on social media, with her online following more than tripling across major digital platforms. This following has been nurtured in real life through stellar performances on the festival circuit across Australia, and abroad.

                In February 2020, Jensen released a stunning version of Sarah McLachlan’s classic, ‘Angel’ as a duet with legendary Australian country artist Beccy Cole, which hit #1 on iTunes Country charts & Australian Country Radio. This was a special side project for Hayley as it was a fan favourite song that she performed on Idol 15 years before, chosen by her late father.

                2020 has seen brand new music from Hayley, who has been collaborating with international songwriters and producers online during COVID-19. 

                The first new offering was a swampy, soulful country banger called ‘Breakin’ Hearts’, co-written abroad whilst she was touring Canada, and features Hayley’s unmistakable powerhouse vocals. It was produced by award-winning co-writer and producer, Troy Kokol. 

                Troy writes “Hayley Jensen is an artist of vision, extreme talent, focus and integrity. She fearlessly carved a path for this project and did so with tireless effort and boundless joy….which only fueled myself and the rest of the team. I’m all too proud to have worked on this track with such a tremendous artist and human. This is why I got into this business….”

                ‘Breakin’ Hearts’, set the tone for what’s to come from Jensen, breaking all career chart records: debuting at #1 on the iTunes Country charts, it was also the first song of Hayley’s to ever feature in The Music Network Country radio charts, entering at #10, and in just 5 short weeks, became the #1 Australian song at country radio (#2 overall). It also cracked the Top 100 Canadian Country Radio charts, and was added to CBC Country on Sirius XM in the Great White North. ‘Breakin’ Hearts’ amassed over 50,000 streams on Spotify before being added to the sought after ‘Fresh Country’ editorial playlist. It now boasts over 120,000 streams. 

                The unique and critically acclaimed animated music video received raving reviews following an exclusive premiere on CMT, and has gone on to be viewed almost 75,000 times across digital platforms. Featuring a twist on the classic wild wild west theme, with storyline written by Hayley.

                Hot on the heels of success, the brand new power pop-country follow-up, ‘Fireworks’, is on the way in time for party season! Penned over Skype during lockdown with Aussie friend, expat and Billboard Country #1 songwriter, Phil Barton and partner, Dana Heaton-Perdue, the song once again features the stellar, soaring powerhouse vocals we have come to expect from Jensen, and captures the electricity and spark of young love. The butterflies, the excitement, the magic!! 

                Jensen is sticking to a winning formula, once again calling on the award winning and groundbreaking production prowess of Troy Kokol at Reluctant Cowboy Records in Canada. As with ‘Breakin’ Hearts’, Hayley recorded her own vocals in her home studio in Sydney, and Kokol, a multi-instrumentalist, played every instrument on the track.

                Hayley Jensen ‘Fireworks’ now via Social Family Records